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FrontierTech Startup Landscape Update

FrontierTech Startup Landscape Update

I launched my first product on Gumroad 3 months ago and I've updated the FrontierTech startup database with ~100 new startups. Some of the startups that have raised funds or exited are shown below:


The Exploration Company: A European company that has ventured into building space factories following Varda Space and Space Forge.


NewLimit: Funded by another Billionaire, NewLimit joins 50 other startups tackling Longevity and the company is particularly focused on epigenetic cellular reprogramming.

Quantum Computing:

Quantinuum: Cambridge Quantum Computing, a leading software provider in the quantum space merges with Honeywell Quantum Hardware spinoff to build a full-stack quantum solution.

‌Energy and Environment:

Terraform Industries: A carbon capture and utilization stratup that aims to completely synthesise atmospheric hydrocarbons at industrial scale.

Synthetic Biology:

Prolific Machines: A biotech company developing cell technologies to redefine how cells are produced for a sustainable and healthy future.

More details are available on Airtable. Please consider purchasing the database and help me build an open-source version in the near future.

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